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k-LITHIUM batterie industriali di nuova generazione


k-LITHIUM is the next-generation lithium battery for forklifts and industrial machines.

It is based on lithium iron phosphate cells (LiFePO4), a technology that is safe and has the best performance/cost ratio, and integrates Kaitek’s balancing system (BBS) to maintain the cells always equalized and efficient.

k-LITHIUM gives great usage flexibility and reduces the total ownership costs, thanks to its 3000 cycles lifespan, being maintenance-free and allowing opportunity fast charging to increase the daily available energy.
The absence of emissions and the extended operating temperature range make k-LITHIUM perfectly suited for every workplace.

It is available in various sizes and capacity, to offer its advantages in replacement of the most common battery types such as lead-acid, gel, pure lead, nickel, etc.

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Rapid charge, whenever you want

• +50% charge level in only 30 minutes
• Complete charge in 2 hours
• Accepts partial charge and discharge
• No memory effect
These characteristics allow high power charging during short working breaks of the machine, extending the range of the battery, thus avoiding in many cases the need of replacement batteries and multiple charging stations.


Planned service is avoided, having no need of topping up or periodical checks.
The conditions of the battery can be easily verified thanks to integrated diagnosis systems.

Long lifespan

• More than 3000 cycles
The lifespan is 3 times longer than traditional batteries, making the cost per cycle lower.

No emissions

No gas emissions during charge and discharge, so no special charging rooms are required. They may be charged at any place in the plant with maximum safety.

Suited for every application

Having no gas emissions, these batteries are suited also for food industries, as well as for refrigerator rooms, thanks to the wide operating temperature range (-20°C +60°C).
Batteries are available in different protection class es up to IP67, and optionally in inox case.

Energy saving

Thanks to their high efficiency, up to +25% than lead batteries, energy costs and CO2 emissions are reduced.

Kaitek Flash Battery lithium batteries give you the energy to shine!

Remote control device

With the remote control device it’s easy to equip any machine with a display and a user-friendly button to turn on and off the system. The display precisely shows the battery level with 1% resolution and gives immediate information about the state of the battery.

• Precise and reliable battery level
• Instant voltage and current
• Warnings
• Magnetic enclosure
• LED display operating down to -30°C
• WiFi interface for remote connection

Through the WiFi interface the battery can be connected to the network and send data to a control station, where you can monitor all the batteries in the plant, make usage statistics, schedule the access to a single charging station and early react in case of failure.

BBS nuovo sistema di bilanciamento batterie litio


The BBS, Battery Balancing System, is a new generation of BMS performing both active and passive balancing of the cells which, having 20 times higher power than traditional BMSs, guarantees the best support during discharge phase and significantly reduces the time required for balancing at the end of charge cycle.

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  • Management of up to 150 cells per unit, with the possibility to connect more BBSs in series or parallel
  • Compatible with cells from 40Ah to 1000Ah
  • Configuration and customization of system parameters
  • Fast charge function
  • Internal clock
  • Control of systems for cooling and heating of the battery pack
  • PC tool for monitoring, data-logging and firmware updating
  • Supply voltage from auxiliary 12V battery
    • Integrated battery charger for auxiliary 12V battery (optional)
    • Cells voltage monitoring with 1mV resolution
    • Current consumption of BBS Slaves in standby: <0.9mA
    • 2 isolated CAN-BUS channels
    • 1 RS232 port
    • 6 isolated analog outputs
    • 4 analog inputs

Various models of Slaves can fit perfectly every size
of commercially available lithium cells from 40 Ah up to 1000 Ah

Displayed parameters:

      • Splash-screen with custom logo at start-up and turn-off
      • State of charge percent (SOC %)
      • Battery CurrentPower indicator with animated bars graph
      • Total used energy counter (Ah/kWh)
      • Time remaining to end of charge
      • Charge current
      • Maximum, minimum and mean cells voltage
      • Maximum, minimum and mean cells temperatures
      • System parameters (capacity, nominal voltage, total cycles counter)

Display D100

D100 is a digital integrated instrument to monitor the main parameters of the battery during its usage, both during charge and discharge.
It has a 128×96 pixel display to show various graphic screens that the user can select, and 6 LED indicators for the main signals.
It connects to the BBS Master unit using a proprietary protocol over the CAN-BUS interface, that can be shared with the vehicle.


      • Diameter: 100 mm
      • 128×96 Dot Matrix display
      • White backlight
      • 6 coloured LED indicators with graphic icons
      • 2 push buttons
      • Power supply: 12V
      • CAN-BUS interface with selectable bitrate
      • Mean current consumption: 120mA in normale mode, 40mA in standby
      • Different default screens in charge and discharge

Error codes

It is possible to creat custom screens showing data both from BBS and from any other device connected on the CAN line (e.g. motor rpm, vehicle speed, …).

Brochure Display D100

  • Active and Passive Balancing
  • High power balancing (from 17 to 60 A)
  • Distributed system, up to 240 cells, from 66 to 2000Ah
  • Maximum safety, two temperature sensors per cell
  • Data saving for each charge and discharge cycle
  • Possibility to check battery pack heating and cooling systems
  • Remote control of batteries from the Kaitek Flash Battery Data Center

BBS: the best management for your lithium battery

The system is made up of a Master unit and of the various Slaves assembled directly on the cells to cut down on the number of cables used and to allow direct control over the individual parts. BBS Master is the central control unit. It analyses the data in connection with the BBS Slaves and decides on the management and balancing strategies for the cells during both charging and discharge.

Suitable for all uses

The BBS is fully configurable and adaptable for the various types of systems and uses. It boasts analogue and digital interfaces for communication with a number of devices, such as: battery chargers, controllers, tool panels and displays, providing the user with information on the status of the system.

Combined balancing

What distinguishes the BBS the most from conventional BMSs is undoubtedly its high-power combined balancing (active and passive). The system can balance with currents ranging from 15A to 60A depending on the capacity of the battery.

BBS balances your energy needs!

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