Mission in behalf of Earth

//Mission in behalf of Earth

Mission in behalf of Earth

LiFePO4 battery – 48 V – 100 Ah – 4.8 kWh – C.C.M. – P.A.E.A. s.r.l. (World Commercial Center – Development and Application of Alternative Energies)

This pleasure boat was born thanks to Captain Pietro Tosi’s dedication to sustainable mobility in Venice.

It is 6 m long and can be powered by an electric motor as well as a combustion engine. This hybrid solution makes it able to reach high speeds and long range in offshore navigation, whereas it can travel through the channels of Venice Lagoon in silence and cleanness using the electric motor.

Kaitek Flash Battery contributed in this project by providing the whole electric energy pack: Lithium-Ion battery, BBS battery balancing system and battery charger.

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