EV range World record

//EV range World record

EV range World record

LiNiCoMnO2 lithim polymers battery – 355 V – 430 Ah – 152 kWh – Vantage Power Global – Shenzhen (China)

On November 13th 2012 “Vantage Power Global” accomplished a world-wide important step towards sustainable mobility.
The Chinese company, in collaboration with Kaitek, have broken the record for the range of a fully electric vehicle.
They made two road-legal electric cars travel 801,3 km with a single charge, overcoming by 200 km the previous world record.

Kaitek Flash Battery had a primary role in this project, in fact it has been responsible for the energy pack management and provided and installed it’s Battery Balancing System, that allows to maximize the charge and fully exploit the energy during discharge, making this ambitious target possible.

This result shows that nowadays electric traction can be considered no more only the future, but already the present of mobility.

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