Electric Taxi boat

//Electric Taxi boat

Electric Taxi boat

LiFePO4 battery – 96 V – 200 Ah – 19,2 kWh – Province of Venice government

The speedboat “Cà Corner” is an innovative project ordered by the government of the Province of Venice (Italy) and developed by F.i.m.e.a. Enginering from Milan. It is especially targeted for the mobility inside the urban area of Venice, where pollution theme is extremely considered.

Its electric motor, with a weight of 60 kg, 30 kW power and 180Nm torque, replaces the standard Diesel engine that normally equips these boats, resulting in a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions and a great weight saving.
Estimated CO2 emissions are only 6 kg per year, compared with 3500 kg per year produced by the same boat with a Diesel engine.

Kaitek Flash Battery took part in the project by supplying the complete energy pack: lithium battery, Battery Balancing System and battery charger.

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