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Case History K-Lithium

Our Case History features a collection of different applications, accounts, solutions and records with regard to the revolutionary technology we have developed for our customers.

The BBS, Battery Balancing System, is a new-generation BMS with combined active and passive balancing which guarantees optimum support during discharge and drastically cuts balancing times during charging, with 20 times more power than a standard BMS.

More efficient LGVs with Kaitek Flash Battery Lithium Battery Packs

LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries - 51,2V - 200-400 - 600 Ah - 10,24 - 20.48 to 30.72 kWh Elettric80 spa, the world leader company in automated logistics, has decided to rely on Kaitek Flash Battery technology and [...]

EV range World record

LiNiCoMnO2 lithim polymers battery - 355 V - 430 Ah - 152 kWh - Vantage Power Global - Shenzhen (China) On November 13th 2012 “Vantage Power Global” accomplished a world-wide important step towards sustainable [...]

Electric Taxi boat

LiFePO4 battery - 96 V - 200 Ah - 19,2 kWh - Province of Venice government The speedboat "Cà Corner" is an innovative project ordered by the government of the Province of Venice (Italy) [...]

Electric Smart

LiFePO4 battery - 48V - 180 Ah - 8,6 kWh - Riker s.r.l. Many models of Smart have already been converted to electric traction by using the kit developed by Riker, which makes this [...]

Mission in behalf of Earth

LiFePO4 battery - 48 V - 100 Ah - 4.8 kWh - C.C.M. - P.A.E.A. s.r.l. (World Commercial Center - Development and Application of Alternative Energies) This pleasure boat was born thanks to Captain [...]

Hybrid Volkswagen Crafter

LiFePO4 battery - 282 V - 90 Ah - 25,4 kWh It is a prototype of an hybrid commercial vehicle that was developed with the aim to reduce pollution and to allow the vehicle [...]

Electric Cargo boat

LiFePO4 battery - 282 V - 400 Ah - 112 kWh - San Marco B.N.V. s.r.l. "La Gagiandra" is the electric boat that the company "San Marco Beverage Network" ordered for the delivery of [...]

Energy Storage – Storage batteries for household and industrial use

LiFePO4 Lithium batteries: 48/96V – 100/200Ah – 5/20 kWh Kaitek’s customer since 2013, Tecoelettra is a major energy storage system manufacturer (NRG Box) that decided to scrap lead batteries in favour of the k-Lithium [...]

  • Roma Ocean World - Miceli Eco 40

Roma Ocean World – Eco 40, the first zero-environmental impact boat

LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries: 25.6V – 400Ah – 10-24kWh Kaitek Flash Battery supported “Roma Ocean World 2014-2015”, the round-the-world solo voyage of sailing champion Matteo Miceli on his boat, the prototype ECO40, in total self-sufficiency in terms [...]

Giovanni Soldini’s Maserati VOR

LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries: 25.6V – 300Ah – 7.68 kWh In 2013, Kaitek, in partnership with Solbian, supplied the k-Lithium Battery Pack for the sailing boat “Maserati VOR 70”, a high-tech craft over 20 metres in [...]